In 1994 Brian Assadourian and Jacob Ishai established Park & Willow.

The Company: They started making their delivery with Brian’s Nissan Pathfinder once or twice a week. Jacob was selling to stores in New York City after he finish his shift at one of the garment factories. With the few orders Jacob will come home and give Brian the list of orders. At that time the wholesale clubs started selling Poland Spring Water in cases for the public. The price difference between New York City beverage delivery company to the price of the wholesale clubs such as Costco and BJ’s was so big that Jacob & Brian were just shopping at Costco , load the Pathfinder with 50 cases and deliver the water to the stores in New York.


Park & Willow orders were getting bigger every day and the three trips with the car of delivering beverage from the wholesaler clubs to New York City was not enough and they needed to rent a van and the hire some workers. In less than six months there was a need to look for a warehouse space and start stocking the products.






Beverage delivering in New York City in those days was done by one or two company with not much competition. If you open a food store in New York City you had to purchase all you drinks from a limited suppliers. The supplier knew that and allowed himself to charge high prices. Well, that was changed when Park & Willow entered the market. Not only that, Park & Willow was a major player in the water delivery in New York City , it expanded there line of products in such a way that a store to medium size store in New York City can then purchase all there beverages need from Park & Willow. It was a big saving for the store owners and also huge relief since they had only one bill per week for all beverages. Park & Willow was also was able to lowers prices and stay competitive since the orders sizes were big and the profit margins per case was lower.


These guys at Park & Willow literally eat, sleep and breathe beverages, and are constantly brewing up plans to introduce even more products and bring even bigger savings to their customers.


At Park & Willow, our goal is to simplify your life, and supply you with the products of your choice, quickly and simply.  Your time is valuable to us. Our super speedy website enables you to place orders in just a few clicks. Seeking a special item? We will find it for you fast, so all you have to do is sit back and savor it. We guarantee to provide the best possible products on the market with the very best customer service.


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