Celestial Seasonings Green Tea - K-Cup

Celestial Seasonings Green Tea - K-Cup


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Brand: Celestial Seasonings

Studies show that drinking green tea is good for your health.
Celestial Seasonings Green Tea is great for your taste buds, too!
Unlike other green teas, this fine quality blend tastes smooth from
first to last sip. Its fresh flavor is reminiscent of the dawning of a
new day. The gentle touch of this delectable green tea makes taking
care of yourself a pleasure.
Green tea leaves derive from the same plant as regular black tea, but
are quickly dried to preserve their vibrant color and healthy
antioxidants. This authentic decaf green tea is blended with delicate,
decaffeinated Bai Mu Dan white tea – one of the rarest teas – to
create a smooth, balanced cup
Ingredients: Gluten Free Green tea and white tea

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